OXYGEN 8: A Breath of Fresh Air for HVAC Design


Oxygen8, a new and innovative HVAC equipment design and manufacturing company, launched a line of fully electric Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) to meet the needs of modern building design and to address current human health and climate change challenges.

Oxygen8 systems use membrane based energy recovery technology and integrate Daikin’s VRV heating and cooling systems to provide 100% fresh, filtered air to indoor environments at ideal temperature and humidity levels. The low profile design beautifully integrates into compact spaces and allows for ceiling, wall or floor mounted installation, providing 400-3500cfm of outside air directly indoors, preventing recirculation of air  and cross-contamination of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Low energy fans, fixed plate enthalpy exchangers and high-MERV filters deliver 100% fresh, outdoor air to designated building zones, eliminating crossover and recirculation of contaminants while keeping relative humidity at healthy levels.


Compact (16”, 20”, 24” or 30” deep), decentralized design allows for seamless ceiling or wall installation, ensuring maximum usable floor or roof space, while ECM fans and double wall construction make for a quiet operation.

100% electric HVAC system with energy recovery makes for a more energy efficient system and small carbon footprint.

Technology connects HVAC systems to smart devices for easy monitoring and maintenance, with real-time filter alerts, demand controlled ventilation, and remote diagnosis.

Connectivity with world leading HVAC equipment from Daikin allows cutting edge, fully integrated ERV and VRV systems that control temperature and humidity levels for unparalleled comfort and health.

Pre-installed coils, electronic expansion valves,  and controls, plus easy-to-access filters and an ERV core with no moving parts ensures systems are easy to install and maintain.

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Protect Health and Wellness: DriSteem humidification systems help reduce the spread of illness.

Humidify hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities to promote healing and protect against bacteria and viruses.

Humidification Improves Indoor Air Quality

Bacteria and viruses thrive in dry air. A too-dry room can cause that scratchy sore throat to last for days. Keeping RH levels within a range of 40 to 60 percent not only decreases bacteria and viruses in the air, but hinders the development of fungi, mites, chemical interactions, and ozone production. The result is reduced occurrences of allergic rhinitis, respiratory infections, and asthma among building occupants. Humidify hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities to promote healing and protect against bacteria and viruses.

In addition, humidified spaces feel warmer and are more comfortable for occupants, especially in cold climates where heating systems run frequently.

Benefits Of Humidification
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces respiratory illnesses
  • Makes indoor environments feel more comfortable

GTS® humidifier LX series

Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency and ultra-low NOx in a single design
  • Minimum 5:1 turndown ratio
  • Smart drain technology automatically adjusts drain intervals
  • Category IV (condensing, positive pressure) venting
  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • Integral drain tempering
  • Fully interoperable with BACnet®, ModBus®, or LonTalk systems


Capacity: Steam capacities from 50 to 600 lbs/hr (23 to 272 kg/h)

Control: ±3% RH

Applications: Designed to be space-conscious and streamlined

Options: Water treatment system, climate-controlled outdoor enclosure, wall mount (LX-50 to LX-100), and support legs (LX-50 to LX-150)

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Greenheck’s Vari-Green motors are specifically designed for energy efficiency

Vari-Green Motors

Vari-Green MotorsThe Vari-Green®motor is a highly reliable, energy efficient, electronically commutated (EC) motor, capable of an 80% turndown. Simple to control, through an onboard potentiometer or any 0-10V signal, the Vari-Green motor is compatible with all Vari-Green controls and many industry controls.

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Price Industries is pleased to launch ‘The Science of Comfort’ blog

Price Industries is pleased to launch ‘The Science of Comfort’ blog:

  • Learn more about HVAC fundamentals
  • Stay on top of the latest developments in the industry
  • Search for topics relevant to your current project

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Tempeff: The Dual Core Difference. Turning up the Heat on Energy Recovery!


Turning up the Heat on Energy Recovery!

Stinebaugh & Company represents Tempeff, with Dual Core™ Technology, offering the highest quality energy recovery equipment with the highest efficiency available.



The Dual Core Difference

Any building owner or operator knows that due to the extreme North American climate, conditioning ventilation air is very expensive. Ventilation air is extremely important to ensure the building is healthy and in turn the occupants are healthy and productive. Thanks to Tempeff Dual Core’s high efficiencies, owners can meet or exceed minimum legislated ventilation requirements, without the usual high operating costs of traditional ventilation heating and cooling equipment.


Up to 90% sensible efficiency

Other available technologies offer a maximum of 50-75% efficiency under ideal circumstances, and much lower real effectiveness in colder temperatures due to frost. Our Dual Core™ design is significantly more energy efficient in all conditions, without any requirement for a defrost strategy, thus true operating costs are extremely attractive.

Obtain up to 70% latent recovery

In winter modes condensation will form on the exhausting heat exchanger. When the cycle changes, the outdoor air is passed over the heat exchanger and that moisture is added back to the airstream. This reduces the need for added humidity in the conditioned space.

Resist frost while maintaining effectiveness

Most heat recovery technologies suffer from the same basic drawback. In cold temperatures, frost forms on the exhaust side of the heat exchanger. This dramatically reduces the heat recovery effectiveness and drives up true operating costs. With the Dual Core™ design frost will never build up in a typical application. By employing a cycling heat exchanger, frost doesn’t have a chance to form, and one heat exchanger is always delivering conditioned air to the space.

Lower the maintenance of your system

With few moving parts, maintenance of the system is very low. Due to the cycling nature of the heat exchangers dust rarely builds up on the heat exchangers, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning.

Long Term Performance

In a third party audit of a 17 year old installation, performed by CIT Energy Management AB, it was found that the efficiency of the equipment was the same as the day it was installed (90% measured temperature efficiency). Owners of Tempeff equipment can rest assured that the high efficiency achieved will not diminish over time.


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Stinebaugh & Company has expanded its in-stock inventory to help you manage your seasonal needs!

Stinebaugh & Company has expanded its in-stock inventory to help you manage your seasonal needs!

New in-stock inventory includes:

  • DriSteem: everything from canisters to valves and descaling solution
  • Zehnder Rittling: baseboard and accessories
  • Suburban: HVAC parts for PTAC units
  • Other manufacturers and equipment, including Greenheck and Price

Please contact for the following:

  • Get help sourcing the parts you need, from the manufacturers you trust
  • Request parts you would like us to keep in stock
  • Set up recurring shipments for standard HVAC maintenance, such as for filters or descaling solution

Daikin Core: The Future of Energy Recovery is Here: Latent Recovery, Less Maintenance, Minimal Crossover

  • Patented Polymer Membrane
    • All CORE exchangers are made with a patented polymer membrane that transfers both sensible and latent energy, while also blocking the transfer of gases and other contaminant.
  • Performance
    • Meets ASHRAE 90.1with 50% to 60% total effectiveness across operating range.
  • 50% Lower Pressure Drop on Supply Air Side
    • Lower specific fan power and energy consumption.
  • Cold Climate Advantage
    • Operate at lower temperatures before requiring defrost.
  • Very Low Gas Cross-over
    • Polymer membrane tested with a variety of gases, odors and VOCs to have 0.5% crossover
  • Healthy CORE
    • Exchangers are water washable with polymer membrane that passes ISO hygiene testing.
  • Now available in both Rebel & Vision systems


Slide 49: Daikin CORE Energy Recovery Solutions

CDI Slide Show

Climate By Design International (CDI): Why Use Desiccant Technology?

Desiccant Dehumidification

Uncontrolled humidity does not need to be a problem. By providing dry desiccant air supply you can control threats to safety, product and costs. Dry air is a solution to corrosion, bacterial, mold, and mildew growth. You can have independent control of moisture levels and temperatures. Now you can be as dry as you want at whatever temperature you want.

Desiccant Dehumidification is a continuous process. A desiccant wheel rotates through two separate airstreams.

The solid desiccant rotor adsorbs moisture from process air [1]. The moisture is taken out of the rotor by a second and separate reactivating airstream [2]. This process enables the rotor to continually take moisture out of the airstream without interruption.







Benefits of using Desiccant Technology:

  1. Very dry air can be achieved.
  2. Better thermodynamic efficiency: Achieved because no change of phase (condensation) is necessary.
  3. Simple Construction: Basic dehumidifier includes only two fans, a heater and the desiccant rotor assembly.
  4. Simple maintenance: Simply replace filters regularly and performance is assured.
  5. Better construction: Double-wall insulated casing suitable for indoor or outdoor mounting.
  6. Modern controls: We include standard intelligent microprocessor controllers with “Fail Capable”mode and full building integration capable of using BACnetTM, Modbus®, or LonWorks®

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