Testimonial: John Maile George HVAC

John, Maile + George,

Thank you for being patient with me, dealing with my mistakes so professionally.

Tiffany, HVAC Inc.

Testimonial: Barb & Reo Logistics

“Barbara, You are fantastic!!!  We cannot thank you enough!!! … THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

Leigh Ann Clark

Brokerage Manager, REO Logistics

Testimonial: Alaska Integrated Services

“George, That’s a big help…good service from you as always. Thanks.” Brent with Alaska Integrated Services

Testimonial – Eayrs Plumbing & Heating

“Thank you… and want to mention that others, including myself could learn from how you guys track orders, and manage to keep people informed weekly where the order is at… you are exceptional at it!”

Steve Eayrs

Eayrs Plumbing and Heating LLC

Testimonial – Global Management Services

“Thanks a million, Samantha. We, collectively, truly appreciate the consistent and outstanding service. All the best.” – Global Management Services

Testimonial – HVAC, Inc.

“John, Dang you are good, I have a few things to learn from you….Thanks again, pretty cool that from 300 miles away you figured out both problems. You provide us a great product and excellent service.”

– Justin Lovejoy, HVAC, Inc.

Testimonial – Ketchikan Mechanical

“Stinebaugh is very organized and has excellent customer service. Eric, John, Kathryn, and all the sales associates are very personable and helpful. They have been very prompt in assisting us when we need items expedited, which has been a lifesaver on numerous occasions! Many thanks!”
– Ketchikan Mechanical

Testimonial – Superior Mechanical

“I appreciate the fact that I was working with a seasoned rep that had both the access and whereabouts to know where to look regarding the original sales order to make sense of the conflicting numbers. Although it wasn’t the most desirable task of telling our client what was going on, the alternative would have been far worse. It was a blessing not a curse. Thanks Mike.” – Superior Mechanical

Testimonial – Metalworks

“Working with Stinebaugh Co. has worked very well. All associates have been very responsive in giving quick information, submittals, and purchasing. It has been quite comforting knowing once you go through all the leg work to get materials that everything is going to be spot on. Thanks for the help!!”
– Metalworks, LLC

Testimonial – Noble Mechanical

“Noble Mechanical has been in business in Anchorage for 33 years. We work on projects ranging from small house furnace replacements to multi-million dollar schools and hospitals. We have to have a vendor we can rely on; no ifs, ands, or buts. That’s the reason we go to Stinebaugh and Co. They simply take care of us, period.” – Noble Mechanical