Engineered Cooling Solutions for Landfills – from Super Radiator Coils!!!

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Super Radiator Coils Landfill Gas Coolers











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DAIKIN announces Magnitude® Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers: 2015 Consulting-Specifiying Engineer Product of the Year Winner

product-of-the-yearDAIKIN announces Magnitude® Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers: 2015 Consulting-Specifiying Engineer Product of the Year Winner

When it comes to saving energy, Magnitude is up to 40% more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers and can save up to $4 million over the life of the chiller.

The 1,500-ton capacity Daikin Magnitude magnetic bearing water-cooled chiller is designed to create climate-controlled environments for offices, data centers, K-12 schools, colleges, hospitals, and health care facilities. Developed to improve performance and reliability and reduce service requirements, the compressor features a single rotating component—the compressor shaft—levitated on a magnetic field. Because the Magnitude magnetic bearing chiller has few moving parts, and requires no oil nor oil-circulation equipment, it therefore requires less maintenance and service.

Oil-free design yields sustainable efficiency

Magnetic bearing technology eliminates oil, mechanical seals, wear surfaces, and gears for longer machine life and increased reliability.

Facility managers can bank on their chillers running at peak efficiency year after year with a design that wipes out the risk of contamination from efficiency-robbing oil buildup on to heat-transfer surfaces.


Technology that keeps you cool and on line

Staying cool cannot be compromised in mission critical facilities like hospitals or data centers – even if the power fails. With RapidRestore® and RideThrough® solutions, a Magnitude chiller can restart as fast as 43 seconds after power is restored.

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ArctiChill Manhattan Modular Chillers: Learn More about the World’s Best Modular Chillers!

ArctiChill is one of the pioneers in modular cooling equipment and now the commercial and process market leader with many superior nuances in operational costs, field assembly and on-line serviceability.

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Stinebaugh now proudly represents Entrematic!! Entrematic’s high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans set the standard when it comes to moving massive amounts of air where a typical fan simply can’t keep up. Click here for more info!

Stinebaugh & Company now proudly represents Entrematic Fans – a leader in high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans.  Discover the innovation behind Entrematic HVLS fans by clicking on the link, below.

Entrematic Fans Brochure

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ModuFlex Underfloor Air System Solution: Learn More HERE!!!

ModuFlex by Price is an Underfloor Air System Solution that is easy to apply. This system combines the benefits of Raised Access Floor (RAF) and Price’s years of occupant comfort experience to provide a tailored solution that achieves a comfortable building environment and maximum flexibility.

PRICE Moduflex Underfloor Air System Solutions July 2016

PRICE Engineering Update: Room Pressure Monitors: Application in Critical Spaces

Room pressure monitors are designed to measure the differential pressure between two spaces and provide a visual indication of the pressure relationship. In critical spaces like laboratories, pharmacies and isolation rooms, room pressure is paramount to the safety of not only the occupant but the entire building.  Please take a look at this important PRICE Engineering Update concerning room pressure monitors.

PRICE Room Pressure Monitors July 2016


EVAPCO 3rd QTR Newsletter: New Products, Featured Projects

Here is the EVAPCO EvapTech Quarterly Newsletter.  This edition has articles regarding people, products, and projects.

EvapTech Quarterly 3rd Quarter 2016

ASHRAE Case Study: Stack House Apartments use Innovative Heat Pump Water System for High Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Stinebaugh & Company and Colmac WaterHeat and would like to congratulate Jon Heller and Ecotope, Inc. for their outstanding work on the Stack House Apartments and winning 1st Place in the 2016 ASHRAE Technology Award Case Studies issue of the ASHRAE Journal. In addition to the 2016 award, Stack House Apartments have also achieved a LEED for Homes Platinum certification and won the national LEED for Homes 2014 Multifamily project of the year from the US Green Building Council.  Please click on the link to learn more about this amazing project!

ASHRAE/Stackhouse Case Study Link



Verantis Environmental Systems offers free training on environmental control systems

Even for the most experienced engineers and supervisors, environmental control is complicated. Whether you’re early in your career or a seasoned professional, there’s always more to learn, and Verantis can be your go-to source for professional development coursework.

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Stinebaugh & Company now represents Rotork/Schischek, a leading manufacturer of Explosion Proof Actuators!

Stinebaugh & Company is pleased to announce that we are now a representative of Rotork/Schischek, a leading manufacturering partnership of Explosion-proof Actuators. 


Since 1975 Schischek has supplied electric explosion proof products worldwide for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.  Schischek Explosionproof has become an important partner for consultants, public authorities, control companies, installers, OEM’s and, not least of all, the end user.

Safety Is Essential:

With this motto Schischek states that explosion protection is not a question of statistics or half hearted solutions but that 100% safety must be guaranteed at all times.  Explosion protection means taking on a responsibility.


ROTORK is the worldwide leading manufacturer of actuators for valves, gear boxes and valve kits and has a worldwide operating site services division. ROTORK has been offering innovative solutions for the control of the flow of liquids, gases, and dusts since 1957.

Schischek and ROTORK complement each other superbly, and both are known for manufacturing innovative products of the highest quality and reliability.

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