Daikin Applied: Next Generation VRV Systems for Buildings of Various Sizes

About VRV

When Daikin launched the VRV air conditioning system in 1982, it introduced the world’s first use of variable refrigerant flow control. This technology circulates only the minimum amount of refrigerant needed at any one time and enables individual climate control of air conditioning zones. The name VRV * derives from this technology that we call “variable refrigerant volume.”

Next Generation VRV system for buildings of various sizes

Energy Savings

Energy savings during actual operation have been further improved by advancement in the VRT Smart Control and a new compressor.

Design Flexibility

Increased flexibility of refrigerant piping, such as extended maximum height differences between indoor and outdoor units, enables support for a variety of buildings.

New Reinforced Design

The new large-capacity casing, up to 24 HP, is equipped with unique functions.


VRV H Series

Heat Pump

The VRV H series unites a variety of advanced technologies in providing high efficiency and comfort to cooling and heating.


VRV R Series

Heat Recovery

The VRV R series enables simultaneous operation of cooling and heating within a single refrigerant circuit. By utilizing advanced technologies, VRV R series achieves further valuable functions.


VRV X/A Series

Cooling Only

Improving efficiency during low load operation, VRV X and A series ensure energy savings and comfortable air conditioning.


Do you have questions about the Daikin Applied VRV product line?  Please contact Zach Keller for more information.