PRICE’s Overhead Air Purifier is the ideal option for improving air quality


In today’s world, indoor air quality is an increasing concern and the ability to provide clean air to room occupants is more important than ever. Most commercial spaces focus primarily on cost and thermal comfort while air quality is based on minimum requirements, which can result in lower than optimal air quality.

The Overhead Air Purifier (OAP) is an ideal option for improving indoor air quality wherever and whenever you need it, particularly in high density areas like office spaces, classrooms, fitness centers, retail, and restaurants. It is designed to continuously cycle air through an air filter, eliminating unwanted dust, germs, contaminants, and pathogens.

  • The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends using high-efficiency air filtration systems for the safe operation of schools and office buildings.
  • ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), the primary US organization responsible for providing building standards and guidelines related to ventilation of commercial buildings, also recommends using high-efficiency air filtration systems to protect against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in high density commercial and institutional spaces.


The OAP uses an internal fan to draw air through an air filter, and then send the air back into the space through any Price Industries diffuser. With the fan continually running, the air in the occupied space is consistently filtered to provide purified, clean air.


The Overhead Air Purifier (OAP) is an ideal option for any indoor spaces where additional filtration is desired, including office spaces, classrooms, hotels and more.
The OAP utilizes proven air purification technologies to improve indoor air quality and combat the challenges of airborne pathogens. The OAP is packaged above the ceiling, making it a permanent solution without utilizing valuable floor space.


  • 100-800 cfm
  • Easily removable and replaceable filter
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient smart EC motor
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • 115, 208, 240, 277 V


The OAP can be installed above a t-bar ceiling, drywall ceiling, or in an exposed open ceiling application. Any Price Industries diffusers can be applied.


  • UV light treatment
  • Bi-polar ionization
  • MERV 13, or MERV 8 Pre-filter and HEPA filter

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