Daikin Core: The Future of Energy Recovery is Here: Latent Recovery, Less Maintenance, Minimal Crossover

  • Patented Polymer Membrane
    • All CORE exchangers are made with a patented polymer membrane that transfers both sensible and latent energy, while also blocking the transfer of gases and other contaminant.
  • Performance
    • Meets ASHRAE 90.1with 50% to 60% total effectiveness across operating range.
  • 50% Lower Pressure Drop on Supply Air Side
    • Lower specific fan power and energy consumption.
  • Cold Climate Advantage
    • Operate at lower temperatures before requiring defrost.
  • Very Low Gas Cross-over
    • Polymer membrane tested with a variety of gases, odors and VOCs to have 0.5% crossover
  • Healthy CORE
    • Exchangers are water washable with polymer membrane that passes ISO hygiene testing.
  • Now available in both Rebel & Vision systems


Slide 49: Daikin CORE Energy Recovery Solutions

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Climate By Design International (CDI): Why Use Desiccant Technology?

Desiccant Dehumidification

Uncontrolled humidity does not need to be a problem. By providing dry desiccant air supply you can control threats to safety, product and costs. Dry air is a solution to corrosion, bacterial, mold, and mildew growth. You can have independent control of moisture levels and temperatures. Now you can be as dry as you want at whatever temperature you want.

Desiccant Dehumidification is a continuous process. A desiccant wheel rotates through two separate airstreams.

The solid desiccant rotor adsorbs moisture from process air [1]. The moisture is taken out of the rotor by a second and separate reactivating airstream [2]. This process enables the rotor to continually take moisture out of the airstream without interruption.







Benefits of using Desiccant Technology:

  1. Very dry air can be achieved.
  2. Better thermodynamic efficiency: Achieved because no change of phase (condensation) is necessary.
  3. Simple Construction: Basic dehumidifier includes only two fans, a heater and the desiccant rotor assembly.
  4. Simple maintenance: Simply replace filters regularly and performance is assured.
  5. Better construction: Double-wall insulated casing suitable for indoor or outdoor mounting.
  6. Modern controls: We include standard intelligent microprocessor controllers with “Fail Capable”mode and full building integration capable of using BACnetTM, Modbus®, or LonWorks®

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See Q Duct Installation Process at DMVA Mandregan Building, JBER, Alaska

Click on this link for an overview of the installation process:

Q DUCT Installation Process at DMVA Mangregan, JBER, AK

Slide 48: Q Duct Now Installed at DMVA Mandregan on JBER, Alaska

QDuct Installed at DMVA Mandregan Revovation, JBER, Alaska

Q Duct Installed at DMVA Mandregan Revovation, JBER, Alaska

Q Duct™ Outdoor Preinsulated Duct System is constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions in all climates. Click here to learn more!

Outdoor Duct Made Easy.

Withstands Harsh Weather Conditions.

Engineered for exterior use, Q Duct™ Outdoor Preinsulated Duct System is constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions in all climates. Q Duct is custom fabricated using two layers of rigid UL 181 Pal phenolic core material, faced on both sides with coated aluminum and an exterior multilayered laminate jacketing material. Requiring no additional insulation or weatherproofing, Q Duct sections are delivered pre-assembled to the jobsite ready for installation by a certified contractor. The product’s unique design easily installs in a fraction of the time of traditional insulated sheet metal duct, saving money and labor.

Q Duct Features
• Interlocking design with a quadruple seal
• Meets UL 181
• Meets ASTM E84 flame and smoke requirements, 25/50
• Self-insulated—no need for insulation subcontractors
• Air-and water-tight design
• Interior and exterior layers resist mold, mildew, UV and extreme weather conditions
• Contains no microfibers, CFC or HCFC
• Thermal break design with no through metal
• Industry-leading 10 year warranty

Q Duct Benefits
• Saves energy, space and labor
• Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
• Significantly lowers air and water leakage compared to exterior insulated sheet metal systems
• Durable, yet lightweight
• Fast and easy installation
• Significant installed cost-savings over traditional exterior duct systems
• Installed by certified contractors
• Virtually maintenance free
• Can contribute toward LEED® points

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Price offers the most complete line of noise control products in the industry.

Price offers the most complete line of noise control products in the industry for both interior and exterior applications.

Please contact John Post for more information.

Interior Applications:

Exterior Applications:

Price offers the most complete line of noise control products in the industry.

Greenheck FumeJet® Exhaust Fan Video

Greenheck’s fume exhaust systems are designed to safely handle fumes and odors in commercial, industrial and life safety laboratory applications. All systems are pre-engineered to meet application guidelines provided by ANSI, NFPA, and ASHRAE.

Features include guy wire free discharge stacks to prevent exhaust re-entrainment, spark resistant construction, corrosive resistance coatings, and AMCA Licensed performance data. They can additionally be configured for specialized applications such as high temperature exhaust, grease exhaust, and multi-fan packs forredundancy on critical ventilation applications.

This new video details the various components of the FumeJet’s fan and stack assembly with inlet and outlet performance corrections for quick and trouble freeinstallation, complimentary accessories, and configurable mounting options to suit different building layouts.

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