Daikin Comfort: VRV EMERION Air-Cooled Heat Recovery Available in Single and Dual-Module


Daikin VRV EMERION is available in single and dual-module lineups. The introduction of new 16-20 T single modules allows a system capacity of up to 40 Tons with just two modules. This helps reduce the overall space required for mechanical equipment and optimizes total project costs.


VRV EMERION‘s new larger capacity single module units offer opportunities to reduce the space required for mechanical equipment and the number of electrical and piping connections. By leveraging Daikin’s increased piping lengths, the new design allows up to 361 ft. (110 m) of vertical separation (equivalent up to approximately 30 floors). In addition, VRV EMERION’s new expanded 361 ft. vertical separation opens opportunities to now address buildings up to 720 ft. (equivalent up to approximately 60 floors) when units are placed both on the roof and base of the building.


Engineered to create a truly unique experience for contractors, VRV EMERION offers a new and improved design to provide ease of service and maintenance making way for simplicity in installation.


VRV EMERION offers connectivity to an ever-expanding offering of controls, ventilation, and indoor units.

Features and benefits

  • New Simple and Stylish design with expanded line up with single-module units from 6 – 20 T and dual-modules up to 40 T.
  • Space-saving 16 – 20 T single module units provide up to 30% footprint reduction compared to previous series.
  • High energy efficiency with IEERs up to 28.5.
  • Heating down to -13°F as standard and high heating capacities at 17°F make it an ideal choice for all-electric heat pump solutions.
  • Year-round comfort and energy savings with Daikin’s Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology (VRT), compared to standard VRF and previous VRV systems.
  • Increased piping lengths of up to 361 ft. vertical separation between ODU and IDU provide additional application flexibility compared to previous VRV systems.
  • Hot gas defrost circuit allows for installation without base pan heater.
  • Sealed e-box design with an ingress protection rating of IP55 provides for high dust and moisture protection.
  • Dual-fuel ready with connectivity to Daikin communicating gas furnace or all-electric heat pump heating for optimized operational costs based on utility rates.
  • Design flexibility to enlarge system from single to a dual-module without changes to installed main pipe sizes for phased installation or tenant fit-out buildings.
  • Meets several local code compliance certifications such as OSHPD Seismic, Miami Dade Wind, and Chicago pressure relief codes.
  • Reduced wiring costs with up to 27.4% reduction in MCA values compared to previous series.
  • Engineered for ease of installation and service with three-segment panel design.
  • Enhanced installation and serviceability with increased space for easy field piping connections to service valves.
  • Simplified diagnosis with built-in data recorder which stores up to 40 minutes of operational data.
  • Integrates with new Daikin HERO ecosystem, an IoTbased remote monitoring and diagnostics platform.
  • Currently available for heat pump applications in 208/230V or 460V.
  • Compatible with Low Temperature (LT) hydrobox for VRV.
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