Try Pro-R Double Wall Duct by Ducts & Cleats: Pre-insulated. Durable. Efficient. Easy-to-Install.

Pro-R Double Wall: Outdoor & Indoor Applications

Pro-R is a pre-assembled, pre-insulated, lightweight, and high-performance duct solution for
outdoor and indoor applications available in four product offerings: Pro-R Double Wall as well as
Rectangle, Round, and Indoor. Our efficient and easy-to-install ductwork is preferred by engineers
and contractors alike. Pro-R duct solutions provide superior thermal performance and durability to
improve overall indoor air quality and energy savings while reducing install times and eliminating
costly repairs.

Pro-R Double Wall provides best in class R-values up to R-45 and a variety of interior
metal lining options.












  • Extremely durable metal exterior available in our
    Kynar Finish 0.040 embossed aluminum or 22
    gauge color-clad galvanized steel, galvanized
    steel, stainless steel and paint grip
  • Tough construction built to withstand the elements and harsh environments
  • Interior metal liner options of galvanized stainless, or aluminum
  • Designed static pressure up to +10″ to -10″ w.g.


  • Lightweight, closed-cell phenolic insulation
    wrapped in a tough metal exterior
  • Available in R-values from R-6 to R-45
  • Eliminates need for insulator
  • Fiber-free insulation exposure improves IAQ


  • Low thermal leakage and high R-values improves
    energy savings, reduces overall carbon footprint
  • Easy installation ensures labor savings and
    faster install

Installation Benefits

  • Durable, familiar design streamlines labor
  • No taping, caulking, or gluing required
  • Utilizes industry standard TDC connections
  • Schedule year-round install even in extreme

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