Learn More About DriSteem’s Evair™ Dehumidifier RL Series

Product Spotlight: DriSteem’s Evair™ Dehumidifier RL Series

Prepare for summer’s increased humidity with DriSteem’s Evair™ Dehumidifier RL Series, the simple solution for protecting your assets by controlling moisture in commercial and industrial spaces.

Every building is a candidate for dehumidification. Whether it’s in manufacturing, production, healthcare, high-density living, laboratories, museums, schools, or beyond, the return on investment for implementing dehumidification solutions is clear and direct. Let’s dive into a few key sectors to illustrate the compelling advantages.

Storage Facilities:

Did you know that since 1984, the number of self-storage buildings in the US has skyrocketed to over 500,000, encompassing a staggering 2.3 billion square feet of storage space? The implications of uncontrolled humidity levels are profound.

  • Excessive moisture accelerates rust and corrosion, creating structural damage to metal doors and materials.
  • Too high humidity levels jeopardizes the integrity of stored items such as electronics, artwork, and wood.

Investing in dehumidification presents a straightforward solution to reduce operating costs and safeguard stored contents within a climate-controlled self-storage environment.

Recreation and Sport Facilities – Gyms, Practice Facilities, Ice & Hockey Rinks, Locker Rooms:

Maintaining optimal moisture levels in recreational venues is essential for occupant comfort and well-being. Active individuals generate heightened levels of perspiration, creating conditions ripe for the proliferation of viruses, bacteria, and mold. Moreover, elevated moisture levels contribute to foul odors and expedite equipment deterioration.

  • These facilities are the perfect breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria and mold. Dehumidification produces a more hygienic environment.

Excess moisture from breathing and sweating can cause foul odors and reduced equipment lifespan. Create a more comfortable and functional environment by adding dehumidification.

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