Greenheck Kitchen Exhaust Hoods: Part of a Comprehensive Line of Kitchen Ventilation Products

Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

A comprehensive line of kitchen ventilation products designed to meet the needs of commercial and residential kitchens.

Type I and II kitchen hoods provide total kitchen ventilation solutions for the capture of grease or condensate within any commercial kitchen application, including restaurants, industrial cooking process, and cafeterias. While Fire Ready Range Hoods provide ventilation and integral fire suppression for non-commercial kitchens within a commercial space including nursing homes, dormitories and office lunchrooms.

Grease Hoods – Type I

For use above grease-producing equipment

Type I hoods are designed for use above grease-producing equipment and are available in several styles and configurations. These hoods have standard construction with a minimum of 18 gauge, 430 stainless steel and may be built in single section lengths from 3-16 feet.

Non-Grease Hoods – Type II

Capture heat and/or condensate from non-grease producing appliances.

Type II hoods are designed to capture heat and condensate from non-grease producing appliances such as ovens and dishwashers.


The Fire Ready Hood is a dual-purpose device. It is a both a ventilation hood and a self-contained fire suppression system.
Do you have questions about Greenheck’s kitchen hoods or total kitchen ventilation solutions?  Please contact George Hearin for additional information.