DriSteem: Introducing Ultra-Sorb® Model MP, A New Choice in DriSteem’s Ultra-sorb® Steam Dispersion Line

Designed and built for today’s HVAC systems where zoned and moderate-capacity humidification requirements are common.  Ultra-sorb Model MP is a multi-purpose humidifier dispersion panel for both pressurized and atmospheric steam applications in AHUs or ducts.

  • Framed panel for easy design, fast installation and reliable operation
  • Available with DriSteem’s industry-leading high-performance tube insulation
  • Same-side steam and condensate drain connections reduce exposed piping and allow for clean installations in AHUs or ductwork
  • Built in 1” increments to perfectly fit AHU and duct dimensions of your projects
  • Ultra-sorb brand recognition and quality — trusted in the industry for 25 years
  • Priced to compete and win against other framed dispersion panels

For further information on the Ultra-sorb Model MP dispersion panel, please see the attached brochure at the following link:  DriSteem Ultra-sorb MP brochure

About DriSteem:

DriSteem is a premier provider of humidification, evaporative cooling, and water treatment solutions for commercial and industrial applications. DriSteem offers custom systems for critical indoor environments such as health care, data centers, and other facilities requiring precise control of moisture and cooling in the air.

DriSteem’s 50‐year history of development and innovation has resulted in multiple patented designs that not only meet, but anticipate, customers’ unique needs. DriSteem is a subsidiary of Research

Products Corporation, manufacturer of Aprilaire, the leading residential humidifier brand, as well as air cleaners, heat‐recovery systems and HVAC accessories.