Daikin Core: The Future of Energy Recovery is Here: Latent Recovery, Less Maintenance, Minimal Crossover

  • Patented Polymer Membrane
    • All CORE exchangers are made with a patented polymer membrane that transfers both sensible and latent energy, while also blocking the transfer of gases and other contaminant.
  • Performance
    • Meets ASHRAE 90.1with 50% to 60% total effectiveness across operating range.
  • 50% Lower Pressure Drop on Supply Air Side
    • Lower specific fan power and energy consumption.
  • Cold Climate Advantage
    • Operate at lower temperatures before requiring defrost.
  • Very Low Gas Cross-over
    • Polymer membrane tested with a variety of gases, odors and VOCs to have 0.5% crossover
  • Healthy CORE
    • Exchangers are water washable with polymer membrane that passes ISO hygiene testing.
  • Now available in both Rebel & Vision systems