Daikin Applied Regional Visitor

Bill Kodosky, the Daikin Applied West Region Equipment Manager, recently visited Stinebaugh & Company. The purpose of Bill’s visit was to get to know the people at Stinebaugh & Company and to conduct multiple engineering lunch and learn sessions focusing on Rebel Commercial Packaged Rooftop Systems, and Intelligent Equipment Control Solutions.

Bill notes in a follow up letter that he is impressed with Stinebaugh & Company’s focus on “optimizing the owning experience” and ensuring that “end users are served in the most economical way.”

“Your organization is impressive…you seem very focused on providing excellent service to your clients” he states.

Here at Stinebaugh & Company there is no better compliment. We take enormous pride in providing excellent service and HVAC equipment that fits the needs of our clients.

For more information concerning the Daikin Applied product line please contact Doug Franklin.